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Chiropractic & Wellness Services in Douglasville, GA

For over 24 years, Dr. Rosemarie Russo has provided the highest quality chiropractic and wellness services in Douglasville, GA. Together with our staff, Dr. Russo is committed to restoring your health and wellbeing. We work with patients of all ages and have experience treating a full range of conditions. From helping patients recover after car accidents, ease chronic pain, or improve their hormone balances, we treat the body as a whole. Chiropractic treatments focus on promoting the body’s natural healing responses by focusing on the root of pain — the nervous system and spine.

Douglasville Wellness & Chiropractic Center serves patients from Douglasville and surrounding communities in Douglas County. We are proud to be the practice individuals and families trust for reliable, compassionate, and effective care. Our team is committed to providing patients with the care and resources they need to improve their health and wellbeing.

To receive more information about our services, to schedule an appointment, or for general questions, please contact us at 770-942-9494

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I'd never been involved in a car accident before and was very concerned about my health and continuing with life after the accident. Douglasville Wellness & Chiropractic Center was the best place to be, they were extremely professional and supportive.

Tia W.

Always a pleasant experience when I come in to see Dr. Russo at Douglasville Wellness & Chiropractic Center. Everyone on her staff is very professional.

Colton Swann

I would highly recommend her for your chiropractic needs. She has a great staff as well!

Gerald D.

Dr. Russo and staff are the greatest group of people. Very professional and well trained at what they do.. I love them.

Jeremy W.

I have been in the worst pain of my life and just started going to this doctor and I can already feel a little relief and I'm so grateful for Douglasville Wellness & Chiropractic. The doctor and her staff are so very kind and helpful. I just love the services.

Shelley T.

Because of Dr. Russo and the rest of the staff at Douglasville Wellness & Chiropractic center my back is now mostly pain free. Thank you Dr. Russo!

Gus D.

I am very happy with my decision to go to Douglasville Wellness & Chiropractic Center. My mother recommended their office to me and I am very glad she did because they have been great. I highly recommend.

Norman S.

I would recommend Douglasville Wellness & Chiropractic Center to anyone. The staff are excellent and take great care of their patients.

Scarlet M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Russo for about a year because of my back problems. Dr. Russo is always able to to answer any questions I might have an resolve any concerns. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in the area.

Marie B.

3.7/5 (49 Reviews)